We send our coffee with the Tananian Posts Corporation for normal parcels (delivery time: 7-21 days) and their courier branch, EMS, for express deliveries (delivery time: 5-7 days). The prices for transport varies with destination and weight. EMS has not updated their prices for some time, and are therefore cheaper than the regular postal service for some destinations, except for smaller quantities sent as letters.

Packages may be subject to customs tariffs and/or VAT rates in their destination country.

All prices given for transport are in Tanzanian Shillings (TZS). To convert to your currency, use the currency calculator on the bottom of the page. The currency rates fluctuates a lot, but is usually around 1 USD - 2000 TZS and 1 EUR - 2300 TZS.

Price examples for transport of coffee

Normal parcel
Normal parcels are more expensive than express delivery when sending to the USA
5 kg: TZS 152,000 for transport (30,400/kg)
10 kg: TZS 249,000 for transport (24,900/kg)
26 kg: TZS 537,000 for transport (20,654/kg)
Express delivery
5 kg: TZS 176,000 for transport (35,200/kg)
10 kg: TZS 257,000 for transport (25,700/kg)
26 kg: TZS 632,000 for transport (24,308/kg)
5 kg: TZS 201,000 for transport (40,200/kg)
10 kg: TZS 308,000 for transport (30,800/kg)
26 kg: TZS 731,000 for transport (28,116/kg)
It is possible to send 1.75 kg coffee per letter, and it is possible to send multiple letters at the same time.

1.75 kg: TZS 67,770 for transport (38,726/kg)
TZS 51,530 per additional letter with 1,75 kg coffee.
This is the cheapest option up to 5.25 kg coffee
1.75 kg: TZS 56,270 for transport (38,726/kg)
TZS 40,030 per additional letter with 1,75 kg coffee.
This is the cheapest option up to 7 kg coffee

We send our coffee all over the world, so if you have any question about shipping prices to other countries, please contact us by sending an e-mail to info (at) so we can help you!

The prices for transport may unfortunately be adjusted upwards without warning, as this is common practice for the Tanzanian postal service.

Please note that this exchange rate is a mid-market rate, and will differ slightly from what we use to calculate prices.