Making Coffee

There are many ways to make and drink coffee, and before you buy coffee it’s good to know the different types. Here, you can read about the different roasting and grinding types, see which machine you should use and what kind of taste you want.

Coffee roasting

We have four different kinds of roasting types. The roasting is one of the factors that decide the flavor of the coffee. Our coffee, no matter what roasting type, has a taste of chocolate and nuts, but the roasting can give the flavor a stronger or milder taste. The longer you roast the coffee, the more caffeine you’ll loose. Therefore, the light roast has the highest caffeine content, and darker roasts have less.

This coffee is very light, with a delicate taste of chocolate and nuts. The original flavors of the beans are retained to a greater extent than in darker roasted coffees. Light roasts also retain most of the caffeine from the coffee bean.

Medium is a quite light roast with a mild taste of chocolate and nuts. It has a light brown color. The flavor is good for using in filter drip and French press machines.

This coffee is darker and more round in taste. It has a creamy taste of chocolate and nuts and a dark brown color. It is perfect for French press because of its intense taste, and it can also be used in filter drip and espresso.

The dark roasted coffee has a rich and aromatic flavor of nuts and chocolate. We mostly use it for espresso because of the strong taste, but it can also be used in filter drip French press.

Coffee grinding

French Press / Plunger
This is our most course grind and it is used in a French press, also called plunger. You mix coffee and boiled water in the French press for up to 4 minutes, and then you separate the coffee and the water by pressing. This is a fast and fresh way of making coffee. It is not a complicated machine and you don’t need electricity.

Filter Drip
Filter Drip is a finer grind and the idea is that water should slowly drip through the coffee. This machine is the most common coffee maker in Europe and Northern America. You should not use too dark roasted coffee for filter drip machines, then it may taste bitter.

Espresso is the finest grind we make and the coffee is almost like powder. Water is pressed fast and with high pressure through the coffee when you make espresso. Espresso is very concentrated coffee and it is the base for drinks as Cappuccino, Latte, Americano and Macchiato.

Whole Beans
If you buy whole beans you need a machine to grind your coffee into French press, filter drip or espresso. Some special machines can grind and make coffee at the same time. Many people like to grind their own coffee to get a fresher taste.