The Coffee Walk

Wild Tracks started with the Coffee Walk in 2010. We want to show everyone how coffee is grown, and to give people the opportunity to meet the farmers and workers who produce the coffee we sell. We get a lot of visitors, both tourists and locals, who want to know more about the coffee production in Tanzania.

Wild Tracks buy coffee from Aranga Coffee Group for a price around 3 times higher than the average price, and we cooporate with them to show people how they grow their coffee.

The Coffee Walk is a walking day trip, and can also be done in a couple of hours, if you are in a hurry. Many people like to do this tour before or after a safari, or before travelling home with their evening flight.

What you will experience
You will visit a local organic and Fair Trade coffee farm in Nkoaranga Village, 25km east of Arusha. Our guest house is in the same village. The farm is one of the farms of Aranga Coffee Group, the group which Wild Tracks buy the coffee from. First, your local guide will show you the village and tell you about its history. You will see the oldest Lutheran church in Mt. Meru, visit a primary or secondary school, and as you walk to the farm you will see small shambas (farms), where people grow banana, maize, beans and other vegetables and fruits.

The farm you will visit is also the coffee nursery of The Aranga Coffee Group. You will learn and see the difference between organic and traditional coffee farming and see how coffee is grown from young trees to when it is picked.

After walking down to the Wild Tracks family’s house you are invited to a big Tanzanian lunch in the garden. You can taste chapatti, ugali, roasted banana, rice, spinach, salad, goat meat and fresh fruit of the season.

The last stop is our coffee roasting factory. Here, you can taste freshly roasted coffee while you see the process of the roasting and grinding coffee. You will get a free bag of your favorite coffee bag to bring home, and we also have other souvenirs from Tanzania.

The price includes
- Pickup from your location
- Walk through the village
- Guided tour in the coffee farm
- See the coffee roasting factory
- Visit the village primary school
- See the oldest church on Mt. Meru
- Homemade Tanzanian lunch
- One bag of coffee to bring home
- 1 bottle of water
- Local guide fee
- Donation to the places you visit

5 persons or more: 43 USD per person
4 persons per group: 48 USD per person
3 persons per group: 60 USD per person
2 persons together : 70 USD per person
1 person: 120 USD

Working with the farmers
Do you want to stay for a longer time and learn more about coffee farming? You can stay locally in our guesthouse and we can arrange volunteering with Aranga Coffee Group. Contact us for more information.