About Kahawa

A Tanzanian-Norwegian Safari and Coffee Company

Kahawa is the coffee brand under Wild Tracks. The adventure began in 2004 when the Wild Tracks started selling coffee through their friends in Norway. The word spread of the round tasty coffee and soon there was a business.

Wild Tracks buy coffee from Aranga Coffee Group, based in Nkoaranga Village. The roasting factory is in the same village, making all of the coffee production happen in Mt. Meru. In 2014 we started selling coffee under the name «Kahawa», which means coffee in Swahili.

Volcanic Coffee
Mt.Meru is an old volcano and the volcanic soil is known to be very fertile for growing coffee. The soil contains many important nutritious elements that are good for the plants. The altitude (1500-1700m above sea level) and the closeness to the equator are both reasons why the coffee is of such excellent quality.

This is Arabica specialty coffee of the highest quality.

Mt. Meru is a sleeping volcano and the soil off the mountain is very fertile. The coffee that is grown here is Arabica and because the beans grow on high attitude the maturity process is slow. The beans are dried in the shade, which also slows down the drying process; all of this creates the high quality beans that Wild Tracks use.

Partnering with the community, Kahawa buys directly from the farmers, roasts on site and brings high quality, customized coffee to the market.

Vision Statement:
Self sufficient, thriving communities bringing high quality and environmentally friendly coffee to the market.