Sustainable Tourism

Wild Tracks care about managing a company that is sustainable for the environment and positive for the community we are working in.

Local and ethical employment
From the beginning, we have bought coffee from the village we live and work in. The farmers get a very good price for their coffee, and we have regularly contact with them to assure that everything is good with the farmers and the production. We employ many people from the village. Our factory workers, watchmen, housekeepers, cookers, drivers and guides are all from our area. The close connection to the farms, the factory and our office makes it environmentally friendly and we are happy to keep things local.
Read more about Aranga Coffee Group here.

There are not many recycling opportunities in Tanzania. The most common practice is to take the trash to the landfill, or burn the waste in their backyard.
- We are doing the best we can to recycle our waste. We sort our food waste so we can take it back to nature.
- We deliver our glass to Shanga, an organization in Arusha that make new products from recycled glass.
- We deliver our plastic to Tena Recycling. Tena is located in Arusha and is recycling different types of plastic. We give them the plastic they can recycle, from our buildings and from the farmers of Aranga Coffee Group.

Wild Tracks donate a sum of money to the local primary school and coffee farm every time our clients visit the places. Contact us if you are interested in making a donation.