Checklist and practical advice: Safari

You will be going in your own car together with a driver, who is also your guide. The car has a closed roof that will be opened when you are starting the game drive so it is possible to stand up. Usually you start the game drive on the morning or in the afternoon. In the middle of the day it is too hot for a big activity and the animals are often relaxing in the shadow. If you are staying in a tent you will have your own chef to cook you breakfast, lunch and dinner. Some days the chef will make you a lunch box to bring for you to eat at one of the picnic sites in the park. On the camping sites there are toilets and showers available but there is not always hot water. Do not eat food in the tent, the smell can attract animals.

It is normal to give the guide 15-20$ in tips per day, and the cook 10-15$ per day.

On safari it is not allowed to step out of the car except on special places in the park. Always follow the guide’s recommendations. It is only allowed to drive on the roads in the park. For Wild Tracks it is very important that the animal’s lives should not be disturbed during safari. So do not ask the guide to drive outside the roads to get closer to the animals, because this is illegal. You are allowed to drive in the park from 6 am to 6 pm.

Good things to bring on safari:
- Sun screen
- Sunhat (standing in the car can carry a lot of sun, sand and wind in your hair)
- Sun glasses
- Wet tissues
- Mosquito spray or oil
- Binoculars
- Camera
- Flashlight/ Head flashlight
- Warm clothes for the evening
- Shorts/t-shirt for the day
- Toilet equipment
- Towel

Some of the hotels in and around the parks don’t provide you with power some parts of the day (usually in the middle of the night). Make sure you charge everything you need when you have power.

Stone Town is the only place in Zanzibar with ATMs.