Mt. Meru Trekking

At 4566m, Mount Meru is the fifth highest mountain on the African continent and the second highest in Tanzania. About 250 000 years ago, a massive volcanic blast blew away the entire eastern side of the mountain and left it with the characteristic and distinctive appearance it has today. The Mt. Meru climb passes through many different vegetation zones. The dry forest of the lower region gives way to a dense mountain rainforest, which then turns into a scrubland. Towards the top of the mountain, the vegetation consists of heath and moorland and is then finally replaced by the stunning alpine deserts. As the flora changes the wildlife does so too, which is diverse and equally impressive. During the climb, you may come across large animals such as elephants and buffalos and maybe even leopards. Due to this, it is obligatory to be accompanied by an armed park ranger on your tour.

Day 1:
4-5 hours. - Arusha, Momella Gate (1500m) - Miriakamba Hut (2500m)
In the morning, you will be driven from your location to the gate of Arusha National Park (45 min from Arusha town). Thereafter you will be driven a little further to Momella Gate. An armed park ranger will accompany you while you start your hike and get a first glimpse of the wonderful wildlife in the park. After a steady 2-hour climb, you will reach Maio Falls and some beautiful meadows, where you will have your picnic. After a rest, you will again be on your way and soon reach the well-known 'Arched Fig Tree'. After another 1½ - 2 hours, you will come to the Miriakamba Hut where you will get your dinner and stay the night.

Day 2:
3-4 hours. - Miriakamba hut (2500m) – Saddle hut (3550m)
In the morning you will leave Miriakamba hut and follow a steep track with wooden steps upwards (around 800 steps). Due to the gain in height, it will be noticeably cooler than the previous day and it will seem easier to walk. After 2 hours you will reach the Tembo point at 3200m (Elephant point) and here you will get your first great view over the crater. After another hike you will reach Saddle hut (3550m) and here you will have the chance to eat lunch and relax. During the afternoon you have the option of a side trip to Little Meru (3820m) which takes around 1 hour, from here you can have wonderful views over Arusha town and Kilimanjaro. When returning to the huts you will have dinner.

Day 3:
10- 14 hours. - Saddle hut (3550 m) – Social Peak (4562 m) – Miriakamba Hut (2500 m)
After an early start with a light snack you will leave for the summit at 02:00 in the night. By torchlight you will follow the trail to the Rhino Point (3821 m). Here you will come to a more challenging trek with occasional light climbs. After approximately 4-5 hours you will have the summit and the Tanzanian flag in your sight. From the summit you will be able to enjoy the sun rising behind Kilimanjaro and the fantastic view of the Mt. Meru crater with its steep side and the “Ash Cone” in the middle. The descent follows the same route back to Saddle Hut (3550) where you will take a well deserved long break and a big breakfast. Once refreshed you will continue down and during the afternoon your will reach Miriakamba Hut (2500 m). Here you will have lunch evening meal and overnight stay.

Day 4:
2 - 3 hours. - Miriakamba Hut (2500 m) – Momella Gate (1500 m)
After breakfast you will follow a 2-3 hour trek over the Northern Route back to Momella Gate. Here again you will have the chance to see some of the wildlife in the park. After you reach the gate it is also possible to do a game drive in the rest of the National park or a canoe trip in one of the lakes.

The summit stage contains a few simple but unsecured climbing passages. A good head for heights and sure footedness are absolutely necessary. In adverse weather conditions (heavy rain, icy rocks and paths or thick fog) the park ranger can call off the climb to the summit. We do not advice climbs in the rain season (April and May).