Daytrips in the Arusha Region

Arusha is the safari capital in Tanzania and many people like to spend a day or more in the city before safaris and mountain trekking, or before returning home. There are many things to do in Arusha, even if you only have a day to spend. Here, we have made a list of day trips in the area. We can help you with the arrangements, transport, guide and other things you might want. Our recommended tip is of course to visit the farm of Aranga Coffee Group in Nkoaranga Village.

Our Coffee Tour
Our coffee tour takes you on a walk through Nkoaranga Village to a local organic and Fair Trade coffee farm, 25 km east of Arusha. You will experience local village life and learn about the journey of the coffee bean. You will be picked up at your hotel or at our guest house and drive to Mt. Meru, where the tour starts around 9 am. Our local guide will take you on a walk around the mountain village of Nkoaranga where you will visit a primary or secondary school and the oldest Lutheran church in Mt. Meru. The walk continues to Aranga Coffee Group’s organic farm and nursery. Here you will see how coffee is grown from young trees until it is picked, and learn the difference between conventional and organic coffee production.
In the afternoon you are invited to a big Tanzanian lunch in the garden of the Wild Tracks family. You can eat chapati, ugali, roasted banana, rice, goat meat, and fresh fruit of the season.
The last stop on the tour is the roasting factory, where you can see how the coffee is roasted and learn about the different roasting and grinding types of coffee and other interesting coffee facts. And last, but not least, you will taste our coffee and get one coffee bag to bring home.
PS. If you have problems walking long distances we can arrange driving on some parts of the tour. We can also make the trip shorter, if you for example need to catch a plane.
Read more about this on our coffee page.

The local Tengeru Market and Lake Duluti
This can only be done on Wednesdays and Saturdays, as these are the days the market is open. You will be picked up from your location in the morning and drive to the Tengeru Market. The market is very big and people come from far away to sell their products, so here you can find everything from kitchen equipment to vegetables and fruits. Your guide will show you around and it is possible to buy things at a very low price if you are prepared to bargain. There are also some local restaurants that sell a selection of Tanzanian food. After a crowded and interesting morning you will go to the quiet and beautiful Lake Duluti for lunch. After lunch you can walk around the Lake. There are many big old trees and colorful flowers around the path and the lake has a rich bird life. The walk takes about 1 hour, but if you don’t want to walk you can take a canoe trip on the lake. It is a good option and you will be able to come very close to the birds from the water.
You can also do this in two days, one day to Tengeru Market and one day to Lake Duluti

Canoe trip in Arusha National Park
Most people experience a safari in an open-roofed truck, but this canoe trip takes you beyond the usual and allows you to experience the beauty of Tanzania in an open canoe along the water. You will come up close and personal with both land and water wildlife while enjoying the peacefulness of floating along the lake. You will get picked up from your location around 8 am and Drive to Arusha National park. After a few hours in the canoe you can sit by the water and have your lunch. Thereafter your guide will take you on a game drive in the park and if it’s good weather you will be able to see both Mt. Meru and Kilimanjaro.

Maji Moto day trip
Maji Moto is almost like an oasis in the dry Maasai land, just an hour and a half from Arusha town. This is a paradise for people who loves swimming and playing in the water. Maji Moto, which means hot water in Swahili, is an outlet for an underground spring surrounded beautifully by bowed fig trees and palms. For a day trip to Maji Moto we will pick you up in the morning at your location and drive you to Maji Moto. We will also prepare a lunch box for you so you can have a picnic by the waterside. On Fridays it can also be possible to stop by a Maasai village and visit the local Maasai market there on the way to Maji Moto. Here you can get to know the Maasai culture and buy beautiful handicrafts like bracelets, necklaces and other kinds of decoration.

The Snake Park and the Central Market in Arusha town
The Meserani Snake Park is situated in the western part of Arusha town and the park offers an exciting tour around a big variety of snakes, reptiles and birds. You will be picked up from your location around 9 am and drive to the park. You can also let the local Maasai guide take you on a camel ride or to the Maasai Cultural Museum. The lunch box will be served in the park and after eating you can proceed to the Central Market, located in the middle of Arusha Town. The market is big and vibrant with everything from food, spices to handcraft and electrical devices. Outside the market hall you will find small textile shops where they sell cheap products with high quality. If you have time, why not ask a tailor to sew you a tailor made clothing? When you are satisfied with the market your guide will take you back to your hotel.

If you want more time at each place it is also possible to do the activities in two days, one day in the Snake Park and one day at the Central Market.

Kilimanjaro day trip
If you do not wish to climb Kilimanjaro to the top, but still want to experience the magic of Africas highest mountain, a day trip to the Mandara hut (2700 m) is a good option. You will be picked up at your location at 9 am and drive to Marangu Gate, one of the gates to Mt. Kilimanjaro National park (1970 m). The hike through the rain forest is lush and rich with birds and monkeys. You will walk up to Mandara hut (2700 m), the climb takes around 3-4 hours. The lunch will be served when you reach the huts and from there you will have a great view of the Moshi district. Descending takes shorter time and you will reach the gates before it gets dark. Afterwards, your guide will drive you back to your hotel.